7 Ways to Help Sharpen Your Child’s Memory

Life becomes richer and school becomes more endearing and fun with a powerful memory that can help the child make a transition to day-care. Early years are all about learning, and learning becomes easier if you have a strong memory to support it.

In these formative years, a toddler has a great ability to capture and recall, a vivid memory of the everyday experience enriches the child’s life and also makes him aware of the world around him.

As parents, you can boost your child’s memory by applying many strategies and tricks to make their learning stress free and make the entire process of learning more enjoyable than scary.

Here Are a Few Proven Techniques To Boost Your Child’s Memory.

1. Establish a Routine: 

Young children thrive on the set routine. Thus making it a perfect fodder in enhancing the child’s memory. For example, a 2-year-old knows that he gets to snuggle with his favorite toy after his bath and so he will get the toy himself. Later you can enhance language memory –link by asking questions- ‘What will happen after your bath?”. This knowledge of routine will be helpful when they enter a Child Care Development Center.

2. Memory Boosting Games:

Childhood memory games like ‘Simon Says’, can boost your child’s brainpower. During road trips, one can play ‘I Spy’ to build recollection skills. Or you can play simple games of visual discrimination where you show him/her red and yellow balls then hide yellow balls and see whether the child knows which one is missing. Here you link to whatever they are learning to what they already know. These recalling games make learning more interesting and involving that the child will enjoy and also acts as a booster to the memory.

3. Make Time for Play:

Physical activity is dubbed as a ‘Miracle Glow’ for the brain .Give your child ample opportunity to run, jump, hop, or any kind of physical activity which will be later sharpened in the best pre-schools in Corpus Christi.

4. Ask Questions:

Discussing previous events such as a party or a trip, and asking related questions will not only improve the child’s memory but will also help in their observation and recalling skills. This can also be done after reading a book; here you can ask questions to know whether the child has comprehended the story by asking the child to recall the story in a sequence form.

5. Sing a Song:

Music is a pre-learning language tool and can be used to enhance the child’s memory. You can play a game of remembering the missing words of a rhyme or a song the child is familiar with. Or you can have your own rendition of a rhyme. Play games to enhance their listening skills by playing different instruments and asking them to recognize it.

6. Ask for Help:

As toddlers are trying to be independent they enjoy the role of being their mommy\daddy’s little helpers. Next time you have an errand to run in the supermarket ask your child to remember a few things you need to buy. This will not only make the child feel special but also will act as a good memorizing experience.

7. Make Time for Shut Eye:

An adequate amount of sleep plays an important role in a child’s memory retention. During his sleep the child stores the important items he learned throughout the day and empties out the rest. So a good night’s sleep is a must.

These are a few simple fun activities that you can help your child to build long term memory patterns before he steps in the child care development center. So when it is time to look out for the best preschool in Corpus Christi tx, the Academy for living Literacy in Corpus Christi is your destination. As this is the place where the child’s developmental needs are catered to the fullest.

The curriculum focuses on bringing literacy alive with real-life interactions. It is supported by university-based educators who help cater to hands-on learning that enhances the child’s natural progression of learning. The program supports the cognitive, social, and emotional development of the child thus establishing the profound educational foundation that will promote high achieving lifelong learners.


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