How Small Group Activities for Preschool Children can help in a child’s development

Integrating small groups in the preschool is necessary to make children comfortable. And help them explore their abilities and also enjoy at the same time. These activities are more engaging as opposed to activities that feature a whole class.

Small-Group Activities for Preschool Children Can be Introduced

  • By creating many stations in the class.
  • The group should be no more than 5-6 children.
  • Activities planned by the educator must not be boring but engaging and full of fun.
  • There should be enough materials for the children to play with and explore together.

Now let us understand why Small Group activities are so important for your preschoolers. Below are a few of the facts and reasoning to help you understand better.

1. Develops Growth:

Since Preschoolers are in the stage of developing their cognitive and social skills, they perform better when split into small groups. These activities further provide opportunities to develop their Intrapersonal relationship through structured interaction. While interacting they use language to express their needs, thereby developing their growth.

2. Teaches Cooperation and Sharing:

Cooperation and sharing are taught in a better way through small group activities. While working with a few of their peers for a common goal, they learn to share by waiting for their turn. This teaches them to be fair and understand that they will not always get their way and sometimes have to compromise.

Learning in Small groups further develops a child’s observing and listening skills. And teaches them to be helpful and thoughtful about other children’s needs in the group.

3. Encourages Bonding:

Interaction between the children of their own age helps in developing language. This creates an inclusive atmosphere in the classroom. And further encourages a child who is a solitary player to shed his inhibition and become a group player.

Shuffling the makeup of the group helps develops new friendships. And also exposes children to the idea of working with different people with different viewpoints.

4. Develops Observation Skill:

Small group activities in preschool are not only beneficial for the children but also for the educator. Visiting every station in the classroom provides the educator with an opportunity to observe individual behavior patterns. And helps to smooth out the entire process of interaction and rapport building.

5. Discovering Interest and Nurturing Abilities:

Preschool small group activities allow early childhood educators to know each child personally. And set them up according to their interest and abilities.

The educators can assign a task to the children depending on their newfound interest. Or, pair up students already advanced in a particular developmental area with those who are falling behind to assist them. Extrovert children, when paired with introvert children, work well to boost their confidence.


We hope that through our blog we have succeeded in giving parents a thorough insight into why preschool small group activities work best for your child’s overall development.

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