How to Raise Mentally Strong Kids

Life is a blend of problems and the ability to overcome them with a smile makes a person mentally stable. As parents we wish to make our kids mentally sharp, but how do we do it?

The first thing that we should not do is to ‘stop telling them that everything will be alright’. Let them face up to their problems and fight it and emerge a winner. Though these kids are young, their feelings, no matter how theatrical they seem to us, are real to them. Teach your kids that having negative emotions is ok; what matters is what they should do with these feelings. They can feel anger, but to go and hit someone is not acceptable.

Implementation of a few well thought parental strategies and disciplinary techniques would help your child to be strong-willed to bounce back from any failure and hardship.

Here are a few rules parents can follow to help kids have a Healthy Mind.

1. Assert Personal Responsibility

Let the child explain the reason why he did something, accept explanations but not excuses. Do not let them blame others for their actions. Teach them to be honest and unafraid of speaking the truth.

2. Teach them to Channelize Emotions

Teach your child how to deal with unwanted emotions. When your child feels sad or angry, do not cheer them up; instead, let them understand these emotions and get comfortable to deal with it in the right manner. Practicing activities such as hammering a bench, boxing the inflated toy, and counting slow and fast in their minds can help them to channelize their emotions and face any kind of challenges thrown at them.

3. Teach them Skills

As parents, we have to teach discipline in our child, but to disgrace them for an inappropriate action is wrong. Use the day to day examples to illustrate problem-solving skills, impulse control, and self-discipline. These skills will develop a code of conduct in your child to overcome setbacks and temptation.

4. Have an Optimistic Approach

It is difficult for kids to feel mentally strong when they surround themselves with negative thoughts. Teaching your child to have an optimistic approach to life will abstain from any kind of self-doubt.  Developing positive and realistic thinking will prepare them to have a brighter outlook for disastrous situations, and to express their negative feelings will help them let go of it.

5. Let them Make Blunders

Making mistakes is a part of growing up and learning. This will help them not to feel humiliated when they are wrong. The best thing to do as a parent is to talk to them about how to avoid these mistakes in the future.

6. Educate them to be Grateful

To make your child be of sound mind and heart, gratitude is the simple remedy. That will discharge all his self-pity and self-doubt that they face. Make your child a strong believer in the goodness of life. So that even in his worst days he sees the light of kindness on the other side.

7. Instill Moral Values in Your Child

Create an environment that will reinforce ethical values in your child. If your child has a strong moral value background, it will help him make healthy decisions. In today’s cut-throat competitive world, make your child understand the importance of honesty, and how choosing, to be honest, is any day better than winning by devious means. Strong values will make your child mentally strong and help him not to waver from his chosen path.


Showing your child how to be happy and mentally strong is the best way to help your child develop his mental strength. But for doing so, parents have to make self-improvement a priority in their life. Be their role model and avoid doing things that mentally strong parents do not do.

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