Preparing for a Safe Reopening of daycares in Corpus Christi after COVID-19

For every parent, the safety of their children is of utmost importance, especially now when the world is grappling with CoronaVirus. With the shutting down of educational institutions to prevent the virus from spreading, parent and kids around the world have no option but to get adjusted to the “New Normal”

Even as the lockdown restrictions have been partially lifted in a few states parents are still in a dilemma whether to send their kids to school. Not only the parents, but the government along with school management are showing concern about the kid’s safety amidst this uncertain situation.

Doing Things Differently, but in a Healthier Way

We all agree that things will not be the same as before. We will have to adapt to many changes related to self-care. Especially when we talk about safety measures in daycare centers.

Academy of Living literacy, daycares in Corpus Christi exactly understands our duty towards protecting the interest of parents and our students.

So to ensure a safe running of our day-care, teachers, and staff are working diligently towards innovative & flexible methods of teaching and development without compromising on a child’s wellbeing.

Here is how the Academy, Corpus Christi Day Care Centre, is adapting to changes that have come up in education & healthcare sector:

Measure’s of Precaution on Arrival at the school

  • Teachers and staff will be wearing masks, gloves, and other needed protective equipment throughout the day.
  • Use of Scientific electronic & contactless thermometers. And maintaining every day a record of the temperature of every student and teacher.
  • Installing of hand sanitizers, hand soaps, towels in every classroom. Kids have to wash their hands regularly as they enter the class.
  • Keeping a check on the health of kids regularly. Checking of temperature when kids enter the class, during the day, and as they leave the day-care.
  • Disinfectants for surfaces and to sanitize all the equipment and sink throughout the day.

Measures of Precaution to ensure Children safety in School

  • Reducing the class size, by decreasing the number of teachers and students in one class. And maintaining proper social distance.
  • Distancing the kids in class during carpet time, table time, snack and lunchtime.
  • Sanitizing the nap mats regularly and making sure there’s at least six feet gap between each mat. Also, the kids will lie down in the opposite direction.
  • There are well-maintained midday restrooms for kids feeling uneasy. Suitable measures are also taken to send the kids home immediately in case of fevers.
  • We will watch proper hand washing habits in kids to prevent the spread of germs. Our teaching faculty in the child care will explain to the kids the importance of rubbing hands for a full 20 seconds and to make this a fun activity, children will be made to sing handwashing songs or happy birthday songs while they wash. This will help them measure if they have been scrubbing long enough.
  • We understand why you don’t let your kids play outside when at home! So, we have maintained stringent health standards that let kids have access to the playground for a longer period of time during our increased recess hours.
  • As we increase their outside time, we space out the kids and limit their contact with each other as well as with teachers.

Our employees and our kids are the heart of our Academy. They complete our family and we are looking forward to the day we can all be together again. We can’t wait until the day we reopen. We appreciate your patience and support and will keep you informed of any future updates.

So if you are planning to enroll your child in one of the best daycares in Corpus Christi tx. Look nowhere Academy of Living Literacy is right here, to take away all your worries about your child’s development.


It was a fantastic week and the students had a wonderful time while learning about the importance of fundraising and the different charities they were supporting.

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