Why Teach Kids Yoga at Daycare? Here are 3 Great Reasons!

We are living in a world with excessive competition and pressure. Like adults, children have their stress to deal with. Pre-schoolers can often get anxiety pangs when joining a new school or daycare. It is important to teach young children to get their nerves under control as with age the problem may aggravate. Yoga is one of the best practices adopted by many for the holistic development of children.

Pre-schoolers can enjoy this age-old practice. It not only enhances physical development but also upholds their mental and emotional well-being. Teaching kids yoga at a young age can be an intimidating task, considering their wavering attention spans and their notorious persona. They love running around and laughing at silly things, so to hold their attention for a long time is not easy.

Altering the teaching pedagogy to incorporate the play-way method is best suited wherein fun yoga activities must be included in the daily regimen. Also, the sessions can’t be held at one go. They need to be split throughout the day, with each session lasting for around 15 to 20 mins.

So here we go with the 3 most basic reasons why yoga must be taught to these little monsters at day-care:

1. Improves Mental Abilities

With many kids suffering from Attention Deficit Disorders these days, YOGA works best to improve focus and concentration. Moreover, sleep patterns also seem to improve which can aid in developing focus.

The different forms of yoga foster cognitive development such as imagination and co-ordination. When part of storytelling sessions, they help the child to imagine various animals in the jungle or different shapes, for instance.

It ameliorates the sensory and motor skills a great deal. In a few days, the sparkling inner abilities of children start to surface. Bravo! It’s a win-win situation for mentors and tiny-tots.

2. Emotional Growth

Emotional stability is paramount to maintain healthy social relations. It is seen that many children suffer from depression these days. The root cause of this problem may be the current trends (single parent) or any such emotional conflicts in the surrounding environment. Yoga has shown miraculous benefits if done to manage the emotional turmoil in these innocent beings.

Deep breathing and meditation are the core of yoga. Yoga works on the emotional front by proffering intense relaxation and calmness to children. It teaches them to be at peace within themselves. Also, young minds can have control over their anger or mood swings, which if not tackled can hamper their happiness and relations a great deal. Due to these reasons, it has become a pivotal tool to conquer stress.

Group activities during yoga sessions foster relationships as it does not invoke competitiveness. Children learn to play with each other. There is no race where one needs to be the winner. Everyone is at the same level when doing different asanas. This helps to build confidence, especially in introvert children. If the child is stable it can prove to be a vital asset in adulthood where the stress level is high.

3. Physical Fitness

Yoga is a form of exercise like other sports that help boost physical growth by stimulating blood circulation. but, it can be done by kids who are not too inclined towards sports requiring too much agility. The different yoga postures (asanas) work on improving the functioning of various organs and organ systems.

What is more, it even improves postures which is a serious concern considering overexposure to video games and mobile phones even at a young age. The different yoga postures such as the lion or cat posture can be taught in a fun-filled way to kids. To enhance it further, flexible costumes can be incorporated to add color and excitement.

Thus, with these benefits yoga must top the chart of activities at a daycare center. Children can navigate through their lives with ease if they master these skills at a tender age. It ensures the overall development of children which is the need of the hour. Adhering to our promise, we at The Academy of living literacy do not leave any stone unturned to let each child obtain the maximum benefit of the time they spend with us. When searching for a pre-kindergarten near me, block our coveted name in your list in the top slot.


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