Welcome to Academy, preschool at corpus christi

The Academy of Living Literacy has been in operation for 10 years. It is Corpus Christi’s ONLY preschool to offer university degreed teachers in all 3 of our pre-k programs. Our director/lead teacher has obtained a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction and oversees all curricular elements and daily planning. Having university degreed teachers is the primary element which sets us aside from other local daycares. In addition, we specialize in ages 3-5 years and have teacher’s aides in each of our classes to facility in teaching and instruction.  Having teacher’s aides in each classroom allows us to lower our teacher to child ratio below the state’s minimum standards. Moreover, our students leave our program challenged, engaged and well prepared for kindergarten instruction.

img1 Learning & Fun
Our programs offer various activities and learning opportunities. These opportunities include social play, STEAM activities, literacy centers and science and social studies lessons.
img2 Healthy Meals
Lunch is provided from home, and we recommend a healthy well-balanced meal. However, we provide morning and afternoon snacks.
img3 Children Safety
Our front doors are locked for security; however parents are always welcome to join us.
img4 Cute Environment
Our classrooms are set-up by highly qualified professionals and provide an inviting and engaging environment for each and every child. Every classroom detail has been extensively thought of and closely mimics a kindergarten learning environment.

Our Core Values


Check our classroom availability

Please call or email us today to schedule a tour. We can work with your availability to make an appointment. A tour will give you and your child the opportunity to mee the reachers and view the classroom.

Pre-school vs. Daycare

Most preschools accept students from ages 3-5. These children are learning and growing but not old enough to attend kindergarten. Preschool provides a foundation for them to build on when they reach elementary school. These facilities typically follow similar schedules to regular school, meaning they are closed on holidays and during the summer. Preschool is often full day as well.

Daycare is more geared toward providing a safe environment for children to stay when their parents are otherwise engaged. Kids here play with others of their age group. Daycare provides parents with the ability to go to work and not worry about leaving their kids with a babysitter or the expense of hiring a private nanny. Daycares do not follow a school schedule, which means they offer longer hours and are open during holidays and school breaks. Infants to kids who aren’t old enough to go to preschool are typically accepted into daycare.