Importance of Arts in Early Child Development

Art since prehistoric times has garnered immense significance in the development of mankind. Today’s education system has realized the vitality of including arts in the curriculum. Arts forms such as drawing, painting, music, and crafts are well-blended into the teaching pedagogy during the early years. This helps to nurture the tiny tots physically, mentally, and emotionally leading to all-round development.

Researchers and educators have identified numerous benefits of the arts in preschools. We have enlisted some benefits of creative arts in early childhood.

1) Mental Development

Art in early childhood leads to the development of cognitive abilities. The various activities like drawing, painting, or playing an instrument involve the use of multiple sense organs. The sensory neurons are constantly exposed to new pieces of information that are processed by the brain. This boosts creativity and imagination developing the right side of the brain.

It also enhances concentration levels. A good illustration of this is, remembering the key combinations to play a tune can help in memory retention. A very strong correlation is noticed between art and academic excellence. Kids who are inclined creatively often show good performance in other areas of education as well.

Teaching various educational concepts becomes relatively easy when incorporated with the arts. Learning numbers or shapes is much more fun when done with beads or puzzles rather than mundane pen and paper. It also introduces learners to new words that help to build their vocabulary.

A child needs to experiment while pursuing any art forms to achieve the desired results. The various art forms require exploring and discovering different avenues. For instance, they have to make decisions regarding which color to choose or which shapes to draw. This sparks problem-solving skills in the nascent stages of childhood.

2) Physical Development

Along with sensory skills, gross and fine motor skills are also upgraded by various artistic activities. The use of various tools (paintbrush, crayons, and scissors) helps the child to develop their grip. What is more, this is immensely useful in improving their handwriting. Hand-eye coordination is improvised by activities like weaving, threading.

3) Emotional DevelopmentĀ 

Through creative art, children can illustrate their experience in a better way. They may draw things out of proportion to exaggerate its importance that otherwise they may not verbalize. Art activities in group sessions help children to become more sociable and learn to work as a team. If a child has created something new with their paper craft then his creativity is valued and praised by his peers. This gives the child a chance to be spontaneous without any fear and sows the seeds of self-confidence in the germinating years. This self-esteem that is developed in childhood assists in personality development during adulthood.

Stress levels are soaring high among children as well as adults. Children are constantly exposed to competitive environments. They are struggling to fulfil expectations and excel in whatever they do. Every child may not always flourish in all his endeavours. Art liberates the child from this stress through the medium of expression. Children can express their emotions freely through their artistic creations.They vent out their emotions of happiness or sadness through the pictures they draw or through the songs they sing.


Learning creative arts procures a sense of accomplishment in children. It wholeheartedly caters to expanding the abilities of children in all directions. Moreover, children who may not excel academically can rely on these art forms to build their careers. There are many preschools in Corpus Christi that believe in child development through art. The Academy of living literacy is among the most renowned daycares in Corpus Christi. We consider each child to be a precious gem that needs to be polished with a lot of care. Our core curriculum is planned to keep each of these nuances in mind so all those who come to us can sparkle like diamonds wherever they go.


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